I'm Catherine, the owner/photographer behind Mermozine-Photography Singapore, a photography studio boutique in Singapore listed in The Best Photos Studios in Singapore, and Mermozine Fine Art, an online fine art prints store.

    After working as a researcher in neurosciences, I decided one day to follow my dreams and pursue a career in photography. I graduated from the Washington School of Photography in 2012 and opened my photography studio shortly after, first in Washington DC, then in France and currently in Singapore.

Me, as a photographer...


- I focus my work as a portrait photographer on the thing I'm the most passionate in life: Family. The same way I try to collect memories from my life as a mother, my goal as your family photographer is to capture your moments.

- I photograph maternity and newborn sessions, family sessions, birthday parties, and weddings. And although I do a few "formal" portraits during these sessions, I also look after more natural images (documentary / lifestyle portraits), I want to highlight the connections within your family.

There are recurrent traits in all my photographic work: simplicity and minimalism might be the main one, black and white, some colours coming back more often than others (red for example), ...


Me, more personally...


Want some random fun facts?

- Simplicity again (you'll rarely meet me with fancy clothes or make-up).

- I love being around kids (I have 4!!), probably because I kept my inner kid's mind.

- I'm shy, and I'd rather observe life going on around me than being a social bee.

- I love nature and animals (with a major exception for spiders though...), and my husband would tell you that I'm obsessed with my plants.

- I play the piano (I started at a very young age, but sadly you could not really tell by hearing me today!).

- I'm addicted to chocolate (only dark...).

- I'm a pilot and love flying small airplanes!! (but I'm scared of height ... don't ask....).

- I love romantic movies ("Out of Africa" is my ultimate favorite), and sci-fi series.

- I might be a little bit of a nerd...

Catherine Boucheron-Houston